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What people say …





"...I came to Angie’s Art class unable to draw.  Angie’s relaxed style of teaching brought out my confidence immensely.  Angie (Thank You) you are the best motivator as a teacher..”                            KM, White Rock BC


“Angie has been inspirational in our daughter’s life by providing her with the ability to build confidence not just with her art work, but with her personal growth.

BPK Family,  White Rock BC


“Angie consistently and patiently provided guidance and support toward the student’s artistic endeavors.  Her friendly and enthusiastic approach to her art classes, inspired the students to be able to put their dreams on canvas…”                                                        L.F. - White Rock Community Centre


“Angie sees me for what I have to offer.  She accepts my version of art and colours and will correct me.  I appreciate the construction criticism.. developing with her  guidance                                                     V.N. - South Surrey BC








What people say …



- in ART & LIFE

“… Thank you Angela, you’ve given me the therapy I needed to carry on.”  

Joyce C – White Rock BC


“ My experience of being coached was as I imagined it.  Having someone to support me, to give me suggestions here and there to help me move along and simply acknowledge my efforts was all that I needed to feel motivated and encouraged..”  

Dave - Edmonton AB


“.. Angie is a wonderful motivator.  She easily inspires confidence in others and in doing so, helps them move toward their goals.  Her easy mentoring style made me believe in my ability and myself.  For that I am very grateful…”                                                                                                                                                                                  Betty - Calgary AB


“.. Being given the permission to do what I always believed in, was the coaching and guidance I needed..”                       P.G. – White Rock BC

What people say...




"...I loved the softness and feel of my scarf so much. I wore it for five days straight..."

K - White Rock BC


“.. it was a thrill to see all  the strips of your paintings as GLORIOUS  SCARVES …honestly there wasn’t one I didn’t love… The colors and forms are superb …”                        Kerry – Victoria BC


“ Thank you for your kindness and patience with Flora.  She just loved all of your scarves..”

Flora – White Rock BC


“.. I gave the two PANSY painting scarves to two dear friends and they absolutely loved them…”

KM – Victoria BC

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