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Clients discover their own creative solutions in ART AND LIFE


Geline offers ONE – ON – ONE coaching and effective techniques that lead clients to accelerated learning and productivity by:

  • Guiding clients to the source of their creativity through art and colour

  • Facilitating clients to overcoming blocks to business, family or personal strategies

  • Helping clients achieve visible progress -  GO TO... ART LESSONS for Fees & Payment information



What people say …


“… Thank you Angela, you’ve given me the therapy I needed to carry on.” 

Joyce C – White Rock BC


“My experience of being coached was as I imagined it.  Having someone to support me, to give me suggestions here and there to help me move along and simply acknowledge my efforts was all that I needed to feel motivated and encouraged..”                                                             

Dave - Edmonton AB


“.. Angie is a wonderful motivator.  She easily inspires confidence in others and in doing so, helps them move toward their goals.  Her easy mentoring style made me believe in my ability and myself.  For that I am very grateful…”                                                                              

Betty - Calgary AB


“.. Being given the permission to do what I always believed in, was the coaching and guidance I needed..”      

P.G. – White Rock BC


Group Student Study - Retirement Living Centre

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