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Personalize your Office space or Home with colours and designs                                                                                           to harmonize your environment with unique INTERIOR DESIGNS.






































Designs & Captivating Colour Hues


- modern
- graphic
- traditional
- contemporary
- abstract
- fabric art











Working Together as a Team...


- with designers to combine creative mutual conceptions for harmony and balance


 Custom designed for:

- style, colour hues, dimensions and image preferences
- Consultations:
- price quote
- selection of art images
- terms and conditions of payment
- deposit required
- terms of copyright






- Geline will proceed with the project:
- Provide a first draft for your approval, allowiing for revision
- Provide a second draft for your approval of necessary adjustments
- Provide a third draft allowing for final necessary adjustments
- Upon satisfactory completion of the work, it is turned over to your for under the conditions negotiated.


Ask about tax-free Canadian art for business or home expenses.


To reach Angeline (Geline) Payne, you may leave her an e-mail message on the contact page of this site.







Choice of hues...


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