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 ARTIST - Angeline (Geline) Payne 

 REPRESENTATIONS - Internationally in Canada. United States & Europe

Tokyo International Art Fair 2017 Shibuya Hikarie, TOKYO, Japan

- PAKS Gallery - International Modern Art Cannes Biennial 2017

- ART FAIR  Malaga '17 Spain  - International Contemporary ART FAIR 2017 MALAGA, SPAIN

- Barcelona International ART Fair - 2016  BARCELONA, SPAIN

- Tokyo International Art Fair - TOKYO, Japan
- Amsterdam Whitney Gallery - New York City, NY
- Agora Gallery - New York City, NY
- Whitten Gallery (King City) - Toronto ON
- Shayne Gallery - Montreal QC
- Jasper Museum and Archives - Jasper AB
- Neilson Park Creative Art Center - Toronto ON
- Toronto Arts and Letters Club - Toronto ON Canada    (Home to some of the Canadian Group of    Seven, A.J. Casson's Works)
- Scarborough Centre - Toronto ON
- Etobicoke City Hall - Toronto ON
- British Columbia Festival of the Arts - BC - (1982- 1984 - 1986)


- Advanced Painting and Fine Arts - Toronto School of Fine Art, Toronto
- University of Alberta - Fine Arts Program, Edmonton
- Cariboo College - Fine Arts - Kamloops, British Columbia
- Lakehead University - Thunder Bay, Ontario,.
- McTavish Business College - Edmonton, Alberta



- Nominated as a Delegate for the Province of British Columbia for the BC Festival of the Arts
- Scholarship in Math to the University of Alberta
- Nominated to The Canadian Society of Artists. Toronto, ON
- Nominated to the Federation of Canadian Artists - Vancouver BC


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Artist Statement:

"Colour & energy are my gurus - they transform my love of nature & life - a constant challenge in my  personal oasis."


(interview with


What book are you reading this week?

Edgar Cayce – “Planetary Influences and Sojourns”.


Do you have a favourite television show?

With my art now taking me into the Fashion Industry, I enjoy many Fashion shows.


What is your favourite food?

Uh….Salads…Swiss cheese and tacos. My favourite fruits are blueberries and apples.


What are you most proud of in your life?

My proudest moments are yet to come, but my being chosen to be a delegate for the Festival of the Arts in BC Canada, is most memorable. I look forward to more of the same.


Who would you love to interview?

Branson and Oprah Winfrey to name a few.


Who would you love to paint?

Prime Minister Trudeau but he is dead. I always thought he was a great leader.


Share something with us that few people know about you.

Those who know me well say that I am a perennial optimist.


If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Somewhere warm like Hawaii. I must live by the SEA. I love the ocean waters….the changing surf. The water keeps me centred in my soul



What colour sheets are on your bed right now?

White with teal blue – BIG FLOWERS & GOLD TRIMMINGS.


Any other thoughts to share?

I see ART as the creativity of the soul of education, sharing experiences and a reflection of life. My art has given me a greater love of life – one to live and share with others forever.

Fall Harvest

Vase of Flowers



When did you realize that you loved art and wanted to be “An Artist”?

I have always loved the excitement of the transposition of colour and found painting as a form of art in keeping me connected to the spirit of the land and people.


Who has been the greatest influence from your past to mentor you to this career?

I have had most wonderful teachers and instructors who encouraged me in studying art. Jack Shadbolt, a west coast Canadian artist has been most influential by his works and teachings. The impressionists have always been a magnet in my career.


Who is your mentor today, or another artist you admire and why?

My students who I have been teaching for the past 20 years, in ages from 6 to 86, continue to leave me with a sense of awe in their accomplishments and followings. Without fail, I admire their unforetold capacity to absorb and be creative.


What is your favourite surface to paint on? Describe it if you make it yourself.

Canvas is my favourite surface to paint on…I love the feel of paint and brush strokes on canvas for a more painterly approach.


What brand of paints do you use?

Golden and Stevensons are my pigment favourites.


Do you have a favourite colour palette?

My colour palettes change with the beauty of the colours in nature and surrounding geographic surroundings.


What is your favourite colour in your closet?

Black and Green.


What subject appears the most in your paintings and why?

The outdoor images and subjects…seascapes, landscapes and flora…offer me the freedom to create a freedom of movement – in representational or abstract art – always changing.


How often do you paint? How many hours a week?

When I am not teaching, I love to paint for 8 hours a day – four or five days a week.


How would you like to be remembered?

I would like to be remembered by my students and followers as having done my best as an artist and as having the patience in creating my own works of art and others in their creativity in the ART of LIFE – from generation to generation.

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