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Geline's Art Studio
...the FUSION of COLOUR AND LIGHT          
International Canadian Contemporary professional artist:-
Angeline (Geline) Payne with 40 years experience is a professional artist, instructor and apparel designer of Angie's Art Apparel..

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- Landscapes
- Seascapes
- Florals
- Still Life
- Abstract
- Figurative
- Surrealism
- Cubism

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Geline's educational art studies at the Toronto School of Art, University of Alberta, Lakehead University, Cariboo College and advanced private studies have taken her through the realms of representational, cubism and abstract art. Her fine works of art have hung in prestigious galleries in Canada, United States and Europe. She currently resides in the Niagara, Ontario where she paints, creative coaches, private in home art lessons or online. Recent exhibitions at: Amsterdam Whitney Gallery NY, TIAF -ART Gallery of Peel, Glenhyrst ART Galley of Brant, BC Festival if the ARTS (1982/83/84,   InterTokyo national Art Fair, TOKYO, BARCELONA SPAIN, MALAGA  SPAIN., 2019  ITSLIQUUID International Art Show - VENICE  ITALY  CANNES France  NYC,

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